The Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta is located in the very center of Opatija and includes four magnificent villas that were named after Opatija’s best-known flowers. The hotel has 223 luxuriously arranged rooms (Standard, Superior and Deluxe) and suites (Standard, Superior, Deluxe).
The Camellia restaurant of the Grand Hotel 4 Opatijska Cvijeta offers its guests traditional Croatian dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients.

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The new Hotel Royal was designed as the meeting point for lovers of games of intellect – chess, bridge, Sudoku and alike. The hotel is accessed through a small square called the Holiday Platz, which has been especially designed and paved. Next to it there is a French garden with plants of various shapes and sizes and lounge bar with an impressive view.
The Hotel Royal is located right by the Lungomare coastal promenade. It has 54 luxury rooms and apartments that offer stunning views of Opatija’s harbour and the entire Kvarner Bay.

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Hostel Link is one and only modern hostel on Opatija Riviera. With its 114 modernly equipped double and triple rooms hostel is the best choice for urban travelers. Being situated only 20km away from international bus and railway station Rijeka, and only 50km from Rijeka International Airport.
Rooms offer beautiful sea view, since the hostel is situated few meters from the main beach and Lungomare promenade.

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